Welcome to Natural Beauty Co

Welcome to Natural Beauty Co!

Welcome to Natural Beauty Co! 

Welcome to Natural Beauty Co! Hi there I’m Kate the founder of Natural Beauty Co,

The whole concept of beauty is complicated, and let’s face it mostly smoke and mirrors. Whilst originally the introduction of natural beauty products was supposed to simplify things for us this is not what has happened – at all! Manufacturer’s can use the words ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ when the products they are selling contain a minuscule amount of a natural or organic product. The remainder of the ingredients would be best suited to your car engine rather than being absorbed into your precious skin. It came as a shock to me that the beauty industry is largely unregulated. Most people assume that everything in our products is safe otherwise the manufacturers wouldn’t be allowed to use it right? Wrong, I’m afraid. Very wrong.

What do we mean when we refer to ‘Natural Beauty’ anyway?!? For us here at Natural Beauty Co it is all encompassing and includes wellness and health including what we put into and onto our bodies. What started this journey for me was a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, a chronic medical condition characterised by widespread pain and fatigue. After a merry-go-round of doctors and specialists and trialling various medications (none of them particularly helpful, some with nasty side effects) I decided to get back to basics. Diet and digestion was one of the first things I addressed. Hippocrates knew it before Pete Evans started making a business out of it ‘all disease begins in the gut’. However it was a comment by an integrative health practitioner that I should ‘also be aware of the products I am using around the home and on my skin’ that piqued my interest. I went home and checked my skin, hair and body care products and after doing some research I was quite frankly alarmed by what I discovered! Nothing was as it seemed and most of the products in my bathroom were a long way from the clean and natural products I thought they were. Much of what I was using was probably better than a lot of stuff on the supermarket shelf but it did not rate at all as well on the low-tox scale as I thought it would. Not even close. In fact a lot of it went straight in the bin. Ouch.

My journey to health is still a work in progress and somewhat littered with false starts and failings and dead ends but it is a journey well worth taking and not one that I plan on giving up on – ever! Coming from the corporate world where stress and ‘busyness’ is the catch cry and health is something you might think you are winning at if you have a salad for lunch my journey has been a long and winding one. It has lead me however to a better knowledge and understanding of what it is we should be putting into and onto our bodies. I have learnt that there is no such thing as a quick fix. Lasting transformations take work, and persistence. Whilst our bodies are detoxing all the time it is entirely possible (and I think necessary) to significantly ease the toxic load by limited exposure to toxins where possible. Some of these toxins of course are in the environment and can’t be avoided but we can control what we put into and onto our bodies. We are faced with an unprecedented number and volume of harmful chemicals that make it impossible for our bodies to keep up without some help. The average woman uses 12 products containing 168 different ingredients daily. Astounding.

Whilst what we sell on this site is focused on non-toxic topical beauty products you will see an additional overlap with internal beauty products and tips. We cleaned up our own beauty routines (and our child’s – even more important – more on that later) and we invite you to come on a journey with us to clean up yours too. So in the words of Shania Twain – let’s go girls! (and guys).

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