Top 5 Reasons to Choose Natural Sunscreen

The Top 5 Reasons to Choose Natural Sunscreen

Sunscreen is definitely at the top of our list when it comes to products you should swap out for natural alternatives.

There are some seriously nasty chemicals in conventional sunscreens. Natural sunscreens are so good these days you can give the ones on the supermarket shelf a wide berth without sacrificing quality.

The main chemicals you should avoid when choosing your sunscreen are as follows:

  • 4-methy-benzyldencamphor (4-MBC)
  • Oxybenzone
  • Benzophenone-3
  • Octyl-methoyl-cinnamates (OMC)
  • Octyl-dimethyl-para-amin-benzoic Acid (OD-PABA)
  • Homosalate (HMS)

Here are our top 5 reasons to choose natural when it comes to sunscreen.

  1. Natural sunscreens not only do not contain the above ingredients, they also contain the beneficial minerals titanium and zinc which act as a barrier blocking UV rays. In contrast chemical sunscreens absorb the harmful rays instead.
  2. Natural sunscreens do not require nearly as much re-application as chemical sunscreens given they sit on top of the skin rather than being absorbed.
  3. Natural sunscreens contain less allergenic ingredients and therefore have less chance of causing irritation which is particularly important for babies and children’s delicate skin.
  4. Natural sunscreens actually help protect and nourish the skin. They are also the best choice for breakout prone skin and contain no pore clogging ingredients that you find in chemical sunscreens,
  5. Natural sunscreens are better for the environment. The chemicals in conventional sunscreens have been shown to contribute to coral bleaching. Natural sunscreens are reef friendly.

Chemical sunscreens contain many harmful ingredients which put our bodies at risk making them susceptible to permanent damage. The UV neutralising agents can ultimately become carcinogenic and therefore increase the risk of developing cancer as well as altering hormone levels by disrupting the endocrine system.

There are a wide variety of natural sunscreens available which contain varying ingredients and natural beneficial products.

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