The Amazing Benefits of Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is an amazingly versatile product that you should definitely add to your beauty arsenal. It has so many benefits for your skin, body, and overall health. Check out exactly what it can do below.

Teeth Whitening

If you find that your teeth have been stained from drinking wine and coffee, or you just want whiter teeth, then activated charcoal provides an effective way of removing the stains and brightening your smile. The activated charcoal helps to balance the pH levels which also helps to freshen breath and prevent cavities from forming.

To use activated charcoal on your teeth, you can use a Keeko Binchotan charcoal toothbrush. It is an easy way to incorporate charcoal into your daily routine to help improve your oral health and hygiene. It will effectively begin to remove plaque, and the toothbrush will absorb chlorine and chemicals that may be found in the water as well.

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Skin Cleansing

Activated charcoal is also extremely beneficial to the skin and will help draw out impurities and toxins while cleansing and exfoliating the skin and minimising the pores. We absolutely love to use the Charcoal me powder as a mask before a big day or night out as it tightens the skin like nobody’s business making your skin smooth and ready for makeup application. Charcoal activated powders are so versatile – not only can they be used as a mask but you can add them to water and drink them to de-tox your insides too. Works great for a hangover! (not that we advocate hangovers but hey sometimes the best laid plans go out the window after a couple of drinks…….we totally get it!)


Activated charcoal is also useful in helping to prevent signs of aging including cellular damage that can threaten to harm the liver or kidneys. Activated charcoal will assist in cleansing the toxins and chemicals out of your body while also supporting healthy adrenal glands.

Make sure you look for activated charcoal products that are made from coconut shells or an identified wood species with ultra-fine grains. There are many synthetic versions on the market that also contain artificial sweeteners which are best given a wide berth.

Get your activated charcoal products in store now and starting reaping the benefits!