Is Testing for Cosmetic Purposes Still Allowed in Australia?

Think about this – when asked why people are still experimenting on animals, the response will generally be, “because animals are like us.” Yet, when asked why it is morally okay to experiment on animals, the answer will almost always be “because animals are not like us.” Can we really have it both ways?!

So what is the current state of play with respect to testing on animals for cosmetic purposes in Australia?

The invariably good news is that the Australian Government has announced that from July 2018 it will ban the sale of cosmetic products tested on animals in Australia.  Many claim however that the ban will not go far enough.

Most Australians agree that testing on animals, especially for cosmetic products, is completely unacceptable. Testing on animals poses both an ethical and moral challenge. If animals are so much like us that we can use them as a substitute for these tests rather than using humans, then it surely must follow that animals have the very attributes (ability to suffer physically and psychologically, conscious awareness) that mean they deserve to be respected and protected from harm.

Even though testing on animals for cosmetic purposes has not occurred on Australian soil for some time, the concern has been raised that many products sold in this country still contain ingredients that have been tested on animals elsewhere. An Australian spokesperson for Humane Society International, said she was concerned the new laws would not change that. “We also don’t want the ban to only apply to ingredients that are exclusively used for cosmetics,” she said.

It is imperative that the new laws also tackle the problem of the importing of animal tested products. There are concerns that manufacturers will do whatever they can to circumvent these laws so we still need to be vigilant. Let’s hope the Government will be as well.

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