Our top tips for glowing winter skin!!

 It’s important to change up your skincare regime in winter to take account of the harsher conditions. These tips will have your skin looking it’s best!

1 – Drink up!

No we are not talking about red wine although mind you a good glass of organic red a couple of times a week won’t do you any harm that’s for sure. It’s much easier to remember to drink water in the warmer months as you are naturally more thirsty however it’s just as important to do so in winter.  Our skin can get very dry and flaky during winter from dry air and heated rooms. Carry an eco-friendly water bottle wherever you go – in your bag, in your car and on your desk at work so you don’t forget.

2 – Use a Gentle Cleanser

If your skin is prone to drying out try steering clear of a foam based cleanser during the cooler months. We love Living Raw Superfood Cleanser or Acure sensitive skin cleanser

3 – Add an Oil to your Routine

Before applying your moisturiser at night (or even during the day if you have super dry skin) it’s a great idea to use a Facial Oil or Body Oil before your moisturiser to help lock in moisture. For the face we love Eco by Sonya Glory Oil or Acure Marula Oil. 

For the body, try the fabulous Acure body oil sprays, before using a lotion such as Eco by Sonya Body Milk. Look out silky smooth skin goodbye scales!

4. Avoid Hot Showers

We know how glorious a steaming hot shower can be when it’s cold out but the hot water will actually dehydrate your skin and make it feel itchy. If you can’t resist, however, keep your showers as short as possible and slather on a quality organic moisturiser such as one of these Acure body lotions afterwards.

5. Soak in Magnesium

Magnesium Bath Flakes assist with relieving sore muscles and joints, relaxing the nervous system, maintaining higher energy levels, providing a better sleep, boosting the immune system, promoting healthy cell life and so much more. Make sure you invest in a quality pharmaceutical grade product such as Luvin Life Magnesium Flakes or Amazing Oils Magnesium Flakes. If you suffer from general aches and pains or even a chronic pain condition such as arthritis or fibromyalgia you should check out the Amazing Oils products which are a godsend for many sufferers. They will help you get a better night sleep too and are completely safe and natural, even for children.

6. Get some Turmeric into you

Turmeric is a truely miraculous spice long revered for it’s anti cancer potential. The Indian population has been onto it for years. The west is now catching on. Remember though it needs to be paired with black pepper to be bioavailable. Also if you suffer from pain and inflammation or just want to boost your antioxidants and therefore your immune system (super important in winter) there are two things you will want to know about MidasCup Turmeric Superfood Blend and Golden Grind Turmeric Tablets.

7. Mask it up

Using a top quality face mask at least once a week in winter will really keep your skin in tip top condition. We love Living Nature Bee Venom or for those tired puffy eyes dry 24k eye masks and for those dry winter lips we have got you covered with 24k lip masks.

8. Get outside as much as possible

We know it’s more or a challenge to get out there and get moving in winter but it will boost your immune system and keep away the winter blues! Rug up, grab your water bottle and head out for a nice long walk and enjoy the change in scenery. It is great for your body, mind and will make your skin glow! Go!