Your Deodorant May Be Putting You At Risk

Your Deodorant May Be Putting You At Risk

Your Deodorant May Be Putting You At Risk

Far be in from me to tell you what to do but if you are only going to make the switch with one personal care product for the love of all things sacred please put the Rexona down and back away slowly. Research shows that some of the key ingredients used in most deodorants are toxic for the body and can lead to cancer. The underarm area is especially vulnerable to these toxins because it contains hormone receptors that can react negatively to these ingredients.

These nasties below are the most dangerous ingredients in deodorant that should be avoided at all cost;

Parabens are used as preservatives and interfere with your body’s natural production and regulation of eostrogen. This is especially concerning because daily application of parabens, especially near breast tissue, may increase your risk for cancer.

Aluminum is used as an antiperspirant and interferes with genetic stability. Like parabens when applied daily near sensitive breast tissue may promote the growth of cancer cells and tumours.

Triclosan is also used as a preservative and acts to prevent odour causing bacteria in deodorant. Triclosan interferes with both your natural hormonal production and may kill the beneficial bacteria that your body needs.

Phthalates are added to deodorant to help it adhere to your skin. They may be very disruptive to the way your body produces and uses testosterone. Phthalates may also impair reproductive ability in both men and women and can also impact fetal development, so they are very risky for pregnant women.

Chemical Fragrances are added to help maintain a fresh scent. However, chemical fragrances can cause skin irritation and trigger allergies.

Studies have also linked these ingredients to other health concerns from Alzheimer’s disease to liver disease. Though most studies are not fully conclusive, there is enough evidence that traditional deodorants may be posing a risk to your health. We have heard of women diagnosed with breast cancer being advised to avoid conventional deodorant. Call us crazy but this seems a bit late to us! We think it might be an idea to avoid conventional deodorants yesterday. If you have teenage girls just staring to use deodorant the best thing you can do for their health is to steer them away from conventional deodorants and get them on the right track from the start.

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