Conventional Shampoos May Be Doing You Harm

When we first started making the switch to toxin free products, shampoo and conditioner wasn’t really on our radar. I mean you just rinse it straight out so it wouldn’t have time to do any real harm right?!!? Well actually WRONG. We all have that favourite shampoo and other hair products that are our ‘go to’. We get it, it works so why change? We hear you! However once we really looked closely at the ingredients in the products we were using on a daily basis we became very quickly convinced that the conventional products had to go. We made the switch to organic hair care and we haven’t looked back. Our hair, we are pleased to say, is also healthier for it.

A lot of shampoos contain sulphates which are a type of chemical that strip your hairs natural oils and dry out your scalp. So what are the benefits of natural hair care products? Listen up!

Naturally Nourish the Hair

Shampoo that uses natural ingredients can yield great results and can transform limp, dull, and lifeless hair that was otherwise being stripped due to sulphates and overloaded with silicones in conventional shampoo.

Organic and natural hair products clean the hair using a milder formula and will not strip the hair of its natural and protective oils. This is really important if you want to maintain healthy hair for the long haul. The results of long term chemical hair care product use can often not be noticeable for decades.

Free from Synthetics and Irritants

Parabens are a particularly troublesome ingredient in conventional hair care products. Studies have also shown that parabens can be absorbed by the body, so they should be avoided.

Alarmingly studies have linked parabens to some cancers and are also known to have adverse effects on the endocrine system which controls the body’s hormones.

Eco-friendly Alternative

Natural and organic shampoos offer an eco-friendly alternative to conventional shampoos that mostly contain harsh chemicals. Organic hair care products also use natural ingredients that will not cause harm when they go down the drain and enter waterways.

Organic hair care products are great to use for coloured hair and will not strip the colour. Instead, these products will provide your hair with some much-needed deep conditioning that leaves you with vibrant and healthy results and help repair damage from split ends and repair breakage. There is no need for special ‘colour treated’ hair care products when you use organic hair care products.

Check out our great range of organic hair products. You will not look back!